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Welcome to mtm's website.
About mTm Journal

mTm Journal is an international refereed journal with an Editorial Board comprised of leading scholars in the field of translation studies. mTm aims at starting and promoting a discussion on the particularities of translation from major into minor languages and vice versa, as well as of translation between minor languages.

By the term minor language, we mean either a language of limited diffusion or one of intermediate diffusion compared to a major language or language of unlimited diffusion.

By the term major language, we mean either a language of unlimited diffusion such as English, or a language that enjoys major status within a state where other, officially recognised minor languages are also spoken (e.g. Finnish as an official language in Finland compared to Swedish).

mTm will be published provisionally as one volume per year.

Contributions are welcome in one of the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish or Italian.
All articles must be accompanied by an abstract of about 200 words in English.

The 9th volume of the mTm journal is now available for download (subscribers only).

FREE access to volumes 1 to 5.

40 years have passed since the publication of Hans J. Vermeer's Ein Rahmen für eine allgemeine Translationstheorie (A Framework for a General Theory of Translation). To celebrate this anniversary, Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz is organizing a Conference entitled "Framing, Drafting, Sketching. Hans J. Vermeer's Theoretical Proposal to Translation Studies" and "".
See also our 2012 Volume "In Memoriam Hans J. Vermeer".

Call For Papers

mTm vol. 10, Special Issue

TransCollaborate:  Collaborative Translation, a Model for Inclusion

The Monash-Warwick Collaborative Translation Project investigates the practical and social impact of collaborative translation practices, recognising their potential for fostering inclusivity and bridging cultural, linguistic and disciplinary divides. In the wake of our first international event at Monash University in Prato, Italy, we are inviting the submission of articles that discuss collaborative translation practices for the next special issue of mTm.

We invite article submissions that address collaborative translation activities or methods that are aligned with the aims of our project. As a guide to submissions, we would ask that you consider the following questions:

● Can the practice of translation be understood as a force for social change?
Can collaborative translation challenge “monolingual” assumptions of the modern world, resulting in a more fluid understanding of what is meant by “language”?
How do innovative methods challenge and extend our thinking on the purpose of translation?

How can translation practices be enhanced through interdisciplinary collaborations?
In what ways do we consider our access to language as a form of power, and how can collaboration challenge this perception?

Additionally, we invite the submission of translations that have been undertaken through collaborative processes. We will accept collaborative translations of scholarly or literary material of up to ten thousand words in length. Any translations must be accompanied by a one-thousand-word short exegesis that outlines the collaborative method used for the translation.

Submissions should be no longer than ten thousand words, and should include an abstract (up to 250 words) and a short bio. Please send submissions to
by April 14th, 2018.

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